Top 8 Best Free Driver Updater for Windows 2020

A device driver is a very important aspect of a computer system. This is the only medium through which a computer can communicate to an additional device connected to it. Say it a Smartphone connected via USB cable for file transfer or a printer for printing purpose. Without a driver for the specific device, the system won’t be able to work at all. On the other hand, a healthy driver is necessary for your entire computer system to keep it running smooth for a long. However, many of the Windows computer users don’t really bother to keep their drivers updated. Thus, various glitches occur during the run.

In a nutshell, keeping a driver updated and healthy is very important. Fortunately, there is free software available for updating computer drivers in Windows operating system. We will be discussing on some of the best free driver updater software and let you understand which one you should go for.

Best Free Driver Updater for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

We can’t deny the fact that Windows free driver updater software is not much available. Neither all of the driver updating freeware are reliable for proper Windows run. So, it is quite difficult for many novice users to find or figure out the right thing to rely on. We hope our work on the topic will help those who are in need of the right thing.

1: Double Driver

This is one f the most reliable software for Windows driver. When it comes to freeware Windows driver, such piece of stuff is not easily available around online. Chances are you may not carry a driver CD with you all the time and you may need of that at any time.

Assume you are required to keep some backup of important drivers installed on your PC. In such case, Double Driver is a very useful thing. This a complete packed free tool for Windows that has the capability to show a detailed info of the installed drivers on your computer, allows you to keep backups of installed drivers, save or restore your opted drivers, and keeping them updated with ease.

2: Snappy Driver Installer

This is an all-in-one freeware that allows you install drivers and keep updated them on your Windows computer. Being one of the most reliable Windows driver managers, Snappy Driver Installer comes with some cool features. Numerous themes are available with the software. The tool provides multiple languages for operating with for a better user experience.

This is a portable driver updater that allows you to manage your drivers or update them via Flash drives without installing to program. Recent updated or assembled drivers are easily installed by the Driver Manager. You may also set up the tool for manually update or automatic update when new updates are available.

3: Intel Driver Update Utility

If you don’t have enough time to monitor for available new driver updates or do it manually, this is the highly recommended free driver updater. It keeps tracks on every new driver update if any and automatically updates the drivers. Thus your system stays up-to-date all the time thus decreasing in system lagging.

On the other hand, the updater will ask for your permission to execute new updates if any new driver update is required after checking your system thoroughly. The tool requires no personal info and easily get installed. Its simple user interface made it even easier to operate for novice users.

4: Device Doctor

Another automatic free driver updater for Windows that scans your hard disk thoroughly, finds out if any new update is required or available for your installed drivers. The tool has the ability to track down the unidentified drivers installed on your PC that even Windows default device manager failed to do usually.

Device Doctor has a vast database that contains all kind of major computing device manufacturers. It produces drivers for over 13 million computing devices and computers currently.

 5: AMD Driver Autodetect

To keep your installed drivers up-to-date automatically whenever the updates are available, AMD driver autodetect is a very vital tool. It does not only scan your entire OS thoroughly but also the attached graphics card to your Windows computer for a new update available.

Using the tool, simply a single click will let you update the drivers from their official source. The two key features of AMD Driver Autodetect are automatic detection of tools and easy driver installation. Overall, this is one of the best device driver updating tools available for Windows.

6: DUMo Update Monitor

Keeping your system and its drivers updated or safe is necessary this need can be fulfilled by this free tool called DUMo Update Monitor. This freeware has the ability to check for any new updates automatically and notify you about that.

No manually checking for updates is required if the tool is active in your Windows system. Its user-friendly interface lets your scan and the check for all the updates. You may also keep your eye on the current CPU and RAM usage.

7: Snail Driver

As there are too many drivers are supposed to be installed on your PC, keeping track on new updates for each of them or manually updating them can be quite difficult. However, free driver updating tools like Snail Driver made the entire task easy.

No matter what Windows version is installed in your computer, Snail Driver will run smoothly and gets your entire bunch of installed drivers. This is a free giveaway for all the Windows users.

8: IObit Driver Booster

This is another free software to update installed drivers on your PC compatible with Windows 7, 8. and 10. It can scan and track down all the faulty, missing, and outdated drivers automatically in your Windows system.

One single click is needed to download the updated drivers and execute them. Only WHQL qualified drivers have accepted the tool that assures the safety of your PC and the additional devices.


Keeping your Windows drivers always updated is necessary for the sake of both the computer system and the devices you connect to it. This helps them working properly, keeps the entire system healthy. So, never underestimate the need of the driver update. Besides, updating those drivers does not cost you much or need no much of effort. So, try out these best free driver updater enlisted here and make your computer run like never before.

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